No spread from asymptomatic cases reported in GD so far 2020-04-03 14:36:40

Guangdong began releasing a daily report on asymptomatic cases on April 1st. The province is now shifting focus to the control of asymptomatic cases with the same measures.

Foreign coronavirus patient investigated after assaulting a nurse 2020-04-03 14:34:46

A 47 year old, Nigerian man, Patrick Okonkwonwoye tested positive for the novel coronavirus after he had entered Guangzhou on March 20th and was sent to the hospital for quarantine on March 23rd.

50 asymptomatic cases reported in Guangdong 2020-04-03 14:33:05

China will release a daily report on asymptomatic cases starting today, April 1st.

Wildlife consumers in Guangdong to face severe fine 2020-04-03 14:31:39

Those found to be consuming wild animals will pay a maximum penalty equal to 20 times the value of the animal (or related products) from May 1st.

Latest Update | All Inbound Travelers to Guangdong: Mandatory 14-day Quarantine 2020-03-24 15:26:55

Furthermore, travelers under quarantine in Guangdong shall pay for their own board and lodging during the period.

Districts in Guangzhou and Shenzhen now low-risk areas 2020-03-24 15:22:57

Guangzhou has evaluated the city’s 11 districts to be low-risk areas.

The 127th Canton Fair will be postponed 2020-03-24 15:20:49

The 127th China Import and Export Fair will not be held on April 15th, due to the current global situation.

Expert: outbreak will end by June, if countries take urgent action 2020-03-16 15:51:16

Zhong believes the COVID-19 outbreak will end by June, on the condition that other countries attach great importance to the severity of the virus and take strong measures.

How can COVID-19 be defeated? Experts share their thoughts 2020-03-16 15:45:31

Guangdong has taken effective measures to increase recovery rates and lower the rate of mortality since the outbreak of the epidemic in the province.

2020 Chinese holiday schedule unveiled 2020-03-16 15:44:20

As China has extended the New Year holiday because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many are concerned that the country may cancel some holidays this year to make up for missed working days.

Guangdong confirms 1 new case from the Philippines 2020-03-16 15:42:01

Guangdong reported 1 new imported case in Shenzhen on March 14th. The patient arrived in Shenzhen after taking a flight from the Philippines to Hong Kong.

Guangdong imposes quarantine on arrivals based on these conditions 2020-03-16 15:38:06

Guangdong requires a 14-day quarantine on all people arriving in the province from countries and regions with a serious outbreak of COVID-19.

1003 patients recover, discharged patients quarantined for 14 days 2020-03-02 15:10:29

No case reported in Yunfu so far。 Confirmed patients in Qingyuan, Heyuan, Shanwei and Chaozhou have all been cured and discharged from the hospital。

How are people getting back to the office? 2020-03-02 12:21:04

As the number of new coronavirus cases in Guangdong have started to drop, since February 17th more enterprises have resumed work in Guangzhou.

Guangdong to tighten entry quarantine 2020-03-02 12:18:55

Guangdong is instituting tightened entry quarantine for all arrivals, including Chinese citizens.

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