Foreign coronavirus patient investigated after assaulting a nurse

2020-04-03 14:34:46 Newsgd。com

On April 1st, a call from the inpatient department of Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital (Jiahe Sector) stated that a foreign patient diagnosed with COVID-19 had been refusing treatment and subsequently assaulted a nurse. The police immediately dispatched officers to the scene.

A 47 year old, Nigerian man, Patrick Okonkwonwoye tested positive for the novel coronavirus after he had entered Guangzhou on March 20th and was sent to the hospital for quarantine on March 23rd.

He ignored a blood test request from nurse Wang, (a female nurse at Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital) and tried to leave the isolation ward。 When the nurse subsequently tried to restrain him, he hit and bit the nurse, causing several injuries to Wang’s face, neck and waist。

The patient is now being treated under close supervision. When the treatment is over, he will be dealt with by public security bodies according to the law.

The hospital has strengthened its security team in its quarantine area. Meanwhile, Guangzhou police have further strengthened the security work in and around the hospital.

The police reiterate, all inbound personnel must abide by China’s provisions on preventing and controlling the epidemic. Any attempt to circumvent epidemic control measures, including fake reports, concealment of travel and/or medical history, and violation of medical observation, will be investigated by public security bodies.

Foreigners in China should abide by law on epidemic control

China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday reminded foreigners in China that they should abide by Chinese law on epidemic prevention and treatment, noting that foreigners who disrupt the epidemic prevention order and endanger public health and safety will be held legally responsible under the law.

The ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the response after several foreigners in China recently failed to comply with quarantine measures, with some beating up medical staff, aroused online discussions.

"We have noticed several online reports on this issue," said Hua。 "It is very sad to see such reports。"

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, China has actively provided assistance to foreign nationals in China for epidemic prevention and livelihood protection, added Hua.

Source: Newsgd & CGTN

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