Guangdong imposes quarantine on arrivals based on these conditions

2020-03-16 15:38:06

Guangdong requires a 14-day quarantine on all people arriving in the province from countries and regions with a serious outbreak of COVID-19 and those with a history of traveling to or staying in related countries over the past 14 days (including those who transfer to Guangdong via a third country or Hong Kong and Macao).

[Photo\Nanfang Daily]

Inbound passengers will be picked up by chartered vehicles at the port after their arrival and transferred to their homes or designated venues for isolation.

Port staff will conduct quarantine inspection on passengers, and ask those with a history of travel through affected regions to move to a designated area at the airport. In the meantime, passenger information will be immediately sent to the local command center to take charge of further arrangements according to the passengers’ destinations.

If the passenger’s destination is in the same city as the entry port, they will be picked by chartered vehicles and escorted either to their homes or to designated venues for quarantine。

If the passenger’s destination is another city in Guangdong, they will be transferred to their destination by chartered vehicles.

For those who are heading to other provinces, the command center will contact the relevant departments of the destination to which they are headed, who will be responsible for arranging vehicles to pick up the passenger. If the passenger’s destination does not offer pick up services, the passenger will be escorted to the transport stations from where they can then leave the province.

Passengers with no specific destination will be quarantined in local designated venues for 14 days.

The above measures apply equally to all inbound passengers in Guangdong, no matter the nationality。

Guangdong has launched a 24 hour English and Chinese hotline 0086-1258088 for expats. During the epidemic, foreign nationals in the province can call to make inquiries or for assistance at anytime.

Author| Monica, Jasmine

Editor| Keane, Simon

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