1003 patients recover, discharged patients quarantined for 14 days

2020-03-02 15:10:29 Newsgd。com Newsgd。com

As of 16:00, February 29th, Guangdong had confirmed 1349 cases in total, among which 1003 patients have recovered and discharged, according to the 35th press conference on Guangdong's fight against COVID-19 today.

No case reported in Yunfu so far。 Confirmed patients in Qingyuan, Heyuan, Shanwei and Chaozhou have all been cured and discharged from the hospital。

Among all recovered patients, the oldest is 86 years old, and the youngest just 2 months old。 12 patients who were in critical condition and 104 patients in severe condition were discharged。 All 10 previously infected expats have recovered。

(Photo: Cao Yaqin from Southcn。com)

According to Liu Guanxian, deputy leader of the medical treatment group of the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters office and an expert from the Guangdong Health Commission, people discharged from hospital will be quarantined for a further 14 days of medical observation at local institutions, and will receive tests on the 7th and the 14th day.

Patients will undergo follow-up examinations after being discharged from hospital。 Treatment will be arranged in designated hospitals if any abnormalities are found。

In addition, specialist clinics will be set up at designated hospitals to provide recovered patients with health monitoring, relevant examinations and consultation。

Since the outbreak, Guangdong has mobilized its strongest medical force to fight against the virus, aiming to improve the recovery rate and reduce the number of severe and critical cases and minimize deaths.

Currently, the proportion of confirmed patients in severe or critical condition in Guangdong has dropped from 20 percent at the end of January to about 10 percent。

Moreover, during the last week most of the medical institutions in Guangdong have begun to reinstate outpatient and specialist services。 Many hospitals in the province had suspended these services since the outbreak。

Authors: Nan, Zoey (intern)

Editors: Keane, Simon

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